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   Childhood and adolescence (1896-1914)
   Youth and student years (1915 - 1924)
   The 1920s (1925 - 1929)
   The 1930s (1930 - 1939)
   The 1940s (1940 - 1949)
   The 1950s (1950 - 1959)
   The 1960s and 1970s (1960 - 1977)
   Symphonic works
   Concert songs and ballads for a cappella choir
   Other songs
   Chamber works
  Social Activities
  Literary work

1924-1927 - concertizes as a pianist in his native town and across the country.

1925/26 - enters the musical society in Kazanluk and organizes and conducts a choir and an orchestra. His wife, Stefanka Stainova, is the society’s chair.

1924-1925 - writes his first symphonic work, “Thracian Dances” (first edition, comprising three dances: “Paidoushko”, “Horo”, and “Ruchenitsa”).

1926 - writes “I wish they were, my love” for a mixed choir on lyrics by P.K. Yavorov, adds another dance to the “Thracian Dances”, and develops their orchestration for a large orchestra. The first performance of the work takes place in Sofia on Jan. 4, 1927, by the Bulgarian National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Todor Hadjiev.

1927 - moves with his family to Sofia and begins teaching the piano at the Institute for the Blind as a contractual lecturer (until 1941).

1927 - on August 2, completes the symphonic poem “Legend”, inspired by Yordan Yovkov’s short story “The Truest Guard”.

1927 - in the month of April, receives the award of the Ministry of National Education for the “Thracian Dances”.

1927-1928 - actively and devotedly joins the musical life of the country.

1928 - on Jan. 1, the premiere of “Legend” takes place, performed by the Bulgarian National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Isai Dobroven.

1928 - on April 29, co-founds and is elected as the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Cultural Club for the Blind “Louis Braille” (until 1933/34).

1928 - on July 20, his first son, Grigoriy, is born.

1928 - in the month of August, is elected as a member of the Central Directorate of the Union of Folklore Choirs (later the Bulgarian Singing Society).

1928 - writes three songs on lyrics by Kiril Hristov: “Darn it, Dimo!”, Play, Dimo, the kaval”, “Damned Dimo”. Writes “Christmas Songs”, also for a mixed choir, on lyrics by P.P. Slaveikov.

1928 - elected Chairman of the “Homeland’s Song” Choir (until 1937).

1929 - writes the songs “Christmas cycle” for female choir, and “Waltz”, on lyrics by P.K. Yavorov, for a mixed choir.

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