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PETKO STAYNOV’s HOME was established by Petko Gruev Staynov Foundation in the composer’s native home in Kazanluk, 13, Petko Staynov Street; it is a cultural center, which comprises:


1. The Petko Staynov permanent museum exhibition

2. Musical hall

3. Еlectronic archives


The House was officially opened on June 1, 2002, by a religious ceremony, a speech by Mr. Stefan Staynov, Chairman of the Foundation’s Managing Board; the ribbon was formally cut by Kazanluk’s Mayor of the Century, Mr. Stancho Koev.




Museum Exposition

The museum exposition, arranged in two rooms – halls 1 and 2, presents the composer’s course of life, his symphonic and choral creative work, his academic, musical and public activities, his journalistic work, his links with his native land, the national recognition he enjoyed and still enjoys. On display are originals, facsimiles of originals and printed versions of the scores of most of Petko Staynov’s works, a large number of photographs and documents, reviews of his works in Bulgarian and foreign press, concert programs and posters, personal belongings, orders and medals. Thanks to the novel computer technologies used, the exposition includes not only materials and documents from the Iskra History Museum, which manages the exposition, but also from the collections of the Central Scientific Archives and the Institute of Art Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Central State Archives, the Union of Bulgarian Composers, the National Musical Academy “Pancho Vladigerov”, the Sofia Philharmonic, as well as from various other collections.




Music Hall

In the musical hall stands Petko Staynov’s piano from the 1920s. The hall is intended for performances by small and chamber orchestras, as well as for music lessons. It has 30 seating places; opening the door leading to the vestibule increases its capacity to 40 places.




Еlectronic archives

The electronic archives are intended for those visitors who wish to obtain in-depth information about the composer’s life, as well as for students and scientists researching his life, work and multi-faceted activities.

Its first stage will be available in the autumn of 2006 in the Internet through the Petko Staynov House website and will provide 9 200 digital images of documents and materials from the funds and the libraries, which are part of the museum exhibition. The following rubrics will be initially available:

  • Publications about Petko Staynov in Bulgaria;
  • Foreign publications about Petko Staynov;
  • Originals, including Braille and printed editions of scores and parts of Petko Staynov’s works;
  • Articles, interviews and other publications;
  • Photographs illustrating the composer’s life and public and musical endeavors.


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Electronic archives Website


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