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The Petko Gruev Staynov Foundation was established in 1998 in Sofia by the composer’s heirs and some of hic close associates with the following aims:

  • the popularize the work and social activities of the great Bulgarian composer in this country and abroad;
  • popularization of the Bulgarian musical heritage and choral activities within this country and abroad;
  • to promote the development of Bulgarian musical creative works, performing art and musical studies, with the emphasis on supporting young composers, performers and scientists;
  • to advance the musical and other cultural activities in the composer’s home town of Kazanluk;
  • подпомагане на всякакви дейности, насочени към утвърждаването на националната самобитност на българското музикално изкуство и култура;
  • to establish and maintain the “Petko Staynov” Museum in the composer’s home.
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