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Participation in projects


The Foundation took part as a main contractor or a subcontractor (co-contractor) in the implementation of the following projects financed by the creative projects funds of the Ministry of Culture:

“Website – data base for Bulgarian composers and musicologists”, containing continuously updated information in Bulgarian and English about the life and work of Bulgarian composers and musicologists; 2002 – 2003; supported by the Culture National Fund.

“Website of Petko Staynov’s Home”. Provides a virtual visit to the museum exhibition and information about the cultural center established by the Foundation in the composer’s native house in Kazanluk; 2002 – 2003; supported by the National Center for Museums, Galleries and Fine Arts.

Petko Staynov – Sofia 2001 Musical Festival”. A cycle of concerts and a round-table discussion dedicated to Petko Staynov’s 105-th anniversary; 2001; supported by the Culture National Fund.

Release of a compact disk “Petko Staynov’s 110-th Anniversary” containing the Balkan Concert Overture and Symphony No. 2 in C minor; 2005; supported by the National Center for Music and Dance.

“A portal site dedicated to the Bulgarian choral art” providing information about:
- the history, goals, statute, organization, territorial structuring, management and activities of the Bulgarian Choral Union (BCU);
- active Bulgarian choirs – types, territorial distribution, detailed data about the choirs – members of BCU;
- the Bulgarian choir conductors;
- the Bulgarian composers of choral music;
- the regular and forthcoming choral events, festivals, competitions in Bulgaria and abroad;
2003-2004; supported by the Culture National Fund.